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It is not easy being an independent insurance agent, although you sell insurance for a living, there are typically not many competitive insurance solutions available for you as the consumer. We have created a program that can offer Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Dental Coverages specific to individual, independent insurance agents.

Program Highlights

Affinity Health Insurance Plan

A custom program that utilizes collective bargaining to pool together employers and provide significant savings on corporate benefits at the same tier you would see in a Fortune 100 Company.


With Benefits available ranging from Dental & Vision coverage, to Maternity Benefits, Short Term Disability Insurance, and Life Insurance. All with no underwriting and available to even an individual

Membership Perks

We administer a marketplace with a wide variety of plug and play perks tailored specific to an individual including lending programs, warranty services, legal assistance, financial wellness, mortgage programs, student loan consolidation plans.


Not only do you have the ability to obtain these coverages for yourself, you can also become a broker appointed to solicit this program and provide the same value to your trusted clients of any size.


Join Thousands Of Happy Users!


Schedule a call with one of our specialists


Find out your rate & savings


Upload current insurance plan information


Sign setup documents electronically


Employees fill out personal health questionnaire


Enroll your employees

Get a Quote Today

Small Business

We consider a small businesses as any company with 2 or more employees. Whether you offer benefits today, or not, you have the ability to take part in a program that provides collective bargaining to help reduce the cost of your health benefits with richer coverages.


We offer the same plans to individuals, as we do to small businesses, just the process if much different. Each individual is fully underwritten and not all are eligible. With that said, it can not hurt to get a quote and see what you might save today!

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